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Cialis Professional

Cialis Professional description

Cialis Professional is in a class of phosphodiesterase inhibitors – these inhibitors are working as muscle relaxants. That allows mighty blood flow to the penile area of a male body thus ensuring powerful and firm erection as well as sexual desire. Men usually take Cialis Professional if they are having such an unpleasant problem as erectile dysfunction (also called impotence). Cialis Professional helps men get back their confidence and sexual life balance – it provokes erection during stimulation and sexual drive for a long period.

Cialis Professional is the last word in treatment of impotence and this medication is believed to be the most effective among all existing today phosphodiesterase inhibitors. However men may take Cialis Professional for other needs which are not mentioned in this medication guide. Cialis Professional is wide spread around the world and thousands of men trust this medication. If you have faced the issue of erectile dysfunction and don’t know where to take Cialis Professional you can search for Cialis Professional without even leaving your home. Among benefits of is that you can take Cialis Professional . That is a significant benefit since it is uncomfortable and humiliating to visit a doctor and share your troubles just for a piece of paper called doctor prescription. Now there is a way to find Cialis Professional . Do no hesitate and take Cialis Professional before thing get worse.

Cialis Professional usage recommendations

Cialis Professional is used in hard cases when other medications have been ineffective. If you are desperate try Cialis Professional. You need to take it and follow indications. If you are afraid it is too expensive for you try searching for Cialis Professional. Usually Cialis Professional is much lower in drug stores because they are more flexible, don’t have to pay rent and other charges which creates better pricing policy.

Do not take more than one pill at a time and do not use this medication too often. Take Cialis Professional with or without food since it is not sensitive to high-fat meals and is easily absorbed.

Take Cialis professional whenever you feel a need in it, but not more than one pill in 24 hours. The respond will last for 36 to 48 hours. Erection will not appear right after the pill is taken – you have to perform stimulation and usually it takes up to 20 minutes for the medication to start working.

Cialis Professional is available in almost every pharmacy so there shall be no difficulties finding it. If you search for a vendor and wonder where I can take Cialis Professional with good you can always find Cialis Professional in drug stores.

Warnings before you take Cialis Professional

Wait before you take Cialis Professional and study all possible precautions and safety information. You might not be able to use this medication due to some health conditions or other drugs you are taking at the moment. First of al you should not take Cialis Professional if you are consuming any kind of nitrate drugs for treatment of heart distakes and chest pain. Among nitrates are nitro-glycerine, isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate. You can also find nitrates in certain recreational medications like amyl nitrate or nitrite (also called "poppers"). When Cialis Professional is taken in combination with a nitrate you are risking for you can provoke dangerous blood pressure decrease that can lead to heart stroke, fainting or heart attack due to excessive overload on the heart. So if you are having any heart problems it is not recommended to take Cialis Professional . Nevertheless if you still choose to take Cialis Professional and use it regardless your heart issues be careful and at first signs of dizziness or nausea during sexual intercourse, if you suddenly feel strong pain, numbness or tingling in your chest, arms, neck or jaw – immediately stop and seek immediate medical attention. This can be a sign of adverse side effect which could have been caused by Cialis Professional.

To avoid any possible side effects strictly follow instructions of administration and never exceed your doses or take Cialis Professional more than one pill per day. Its effect is long lasting so make sure you make at least 24 hour interval between your doses. You should get medical assistance if you are experiencing painful erection which lasts over four hours. Such prolonged erection may hurt or damage your penis.

Another detail you should know before you get Cialis Professional is the effect which decreases blood flow to the eye optic nerve that can result in unpredictable loss of vision. But such effects have been rectake among very few people who were using Cialis Professional. Those people were taking Cialis professional and at the same time were having serious heard distakes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and some pre-existing eye diseases. Also people who suffered form side effects were heavy smokers and were over 50 years old. By now there were not enough studies provided to claim that this medication actually causes vision loss. If you are suspecting any of the listed side effect search emergency medical help.

There is a list of medical conditions which are requiring extra cautiousness when taking Cialis Professional. If any of the conditions mentioned herein apply to you this means that for safe usage of Cialis Professional you may need a dose adjustment or will have to make special tests to assess all possible risks. You should consider not using Cialis professional if you are allergic to it of if you have the following: heart rhythm problems, angina (chest pain), blood cell or bleeding distake, unstable high or low blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, inherited eye distake like retinitis pigmentosa, stomach ulcer, penis deformity or any contra-indication for sexual intercourse due to health reasons. Remember that you are responsible for your health and wellbeing. For takes of drugs like Cialis Professional is demanded, but this does not free you from reading and considering safety information.

Also Cialis Professional is not intended for use by women or children Although this medication is not supposed to be harmful even to fetus it is not known whether it can pass into breast milk. Keep Cialis Professional away from the reach of children in a dark and dry place at a room temperature.

Possible food and drug interactions

Cialis professional side effects can be caused by drinking alcohol or using other medications.

Cialis Professional interacts with grapefruits and grapefruit juice. Avoid eating anything that may contain grapefruit and try to eliminate grapefruits from your diet for the period of using Cialis Professional. Do not apply any additional impotence treating medicines like alprostadil or yohimbine since they are interacting with Cialis professional and decrease its effect.